Understanding California’s Statute of Limitations For Car Accident Cases

Life in Sacramento is fast and busy. If you get injured in a car accident, things get even busier. There are doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, and everyday life logistics to arrange. You may have to take time off work or make special arrangement to care for your family. It’s easy to put things off, but in the case of pursuing a lawsuit after your accident, you can’t put things off forever.

What is a statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations is a law passed by a state or federal legislative body. It sets a maximum amount of time that can pass before you are no longer allowed to bring a legal case against someone. Statutes of limitation apply to certain crimes and to nearly all civil cases.

Once the statute of limitations is over, you are not allowed to bring a claim. Each state decides their own statute of limitations, and the purpose of these laws is to encourage a plaintiff to be proactive about bringing a case and to acknowledge that, once enough time has passed, it might be impossible to find the necessary evidence.

There are certain crimes that have no statute of limitations. These are usually what are considered heinous crimes, such as murder and certain types of sexual assault. Each state has its own set of laws for civil and criminal issues.

What is the rule in California for car accident lawsuits?

The California Code of Civil Procedure has set a two-year limit for bringing a personal injury lawsuit against someone else, either for a wrongful act or for negligence. Car accident lawsuits fall into this category.

What about lawsuits for property damage?

If you are suing only for damage to a vehicle or to your property and not for personal injury, you have three years to bring your suit. Even in this case, three years can pass more quickly than you would expect, so it is crucial to talk to your Sacramento car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

When does the countdown start?

It all depends on what you are suing for. In the case of injury, you have two years from the date of the accident to bring a lawsuit. In the case of a property damage, you have three years from the date of the accident.

If you are suing for wrongful death because someone died as a result of another’s negligence in causing a car accident, you have two years to bring a lawsuit. However, in this case, the two years starts from the day of the person’s death, not the day of the accident.

Are there any exceptions to

these rules?

There are a few exceptions. For example, if you were out of state for a time, that time may not count against your limit unless you regularly engage in interstate commerce or were a nonresident motorist at the time of the accident. If you were a minor at the time of the accident, the statute of limitations doesn’t begin counting down until you turn 18 or are emancipated.

However, it is is never smart to count on getting an exception. Your exception might not be granted by the court, but that is just one possible issue with waiting. The reality is that it takes time and effort to prepare a court case, and you want to contact a lawyer while you have enough time left for them to prepare a good case on your behalf.

The statute of limitations applies in most personal injury cases, so if you’ve been hurt, be sure to get legal help right away. Don’t put off getting the compensation you need to get your life back.

How to Throw a Space-Themed Children’s Party

Space-themed parties are the best, especially for children’s parties. You can really go all out when this is your theme, and your guests will have an amazing time exploring your take on the stars in party form. Here is how to throw the best space-themed party in the galaxy!

Planets, solar systems and learning opportunities

A space-themed idea can be a sneaky learning opportunity. This theme is fun, but also educational. Create some games where the kids have to try and memorize the planets, or something along those lines. You can have them also try and recreate their own solar system based off of the real solar system. This will give them some insight into how the solar system works and what differentiates the different planets.

You can create a scavenger hunt with clues relating to space. For example, you can have a clue about the definition of a star. They then have to find a paper star and see what it says on the back. The back of the star could have a definition of a rocket ship, etc. They will love these space themed games and craft ideas.

This is a theme you will never run out of ideas with. Children are inherently interested in this part of science because it feels so whimsical and exciting.

Get creative with party props

There are party rental places where you can rent all sorts of party props and activities. For example, bouncy house or moonwalk rentals will blow your guests away. Taking some simple steps to amplify your space theme with one of these rentals is a surefire way to keep everyone entertained the whole time.

Think about goodie bags as well. You can give some fun space-themed items to your guests as they leave, such as bouncy balls that resemble planets, or stars which stick to surfaces. Another great prop is a mat with galaxy designs on it. This is a place for them to sit and play when they aren’t partaking in the other activities offered. Fill the play space with astronaut toys and other space-related toys that can make their imaginations run wild.

Treats are always an important part

Don’t forget to get creative with the cake. There are a few directions you can go with this. You either can make a galaxy out of mini cakes, which is very creative but also time intensive. Or you could make a cupcake-decorating bar with star sprinkles and planetary aspects. A good idea is to make some model cupcakes in case any of the children need some inspiration.

When it comes to food, order some star-shaped noodles off the internet and make some intergalactic mac and cheese! Besides that, there are some other star-shaped foods to look into as well, with cookies being an especially easy option. It just takes some creativity and some dedication to the theme. If you want to get really fancy, you can make marbled donuts with galaxy icing, which will surely be a success. Purple and blue swirled donuts with galaxy sprinkles are also great to put in the goodie bags for later, if you don’t want to give your guests too much sugar during the actual party.

Overall, this party is sure to be a hit, especially with these ideas in mind. You really can’t go wrong with some imagination and undeniably fun craft ideas and activities.

How to Navigate Your Teenager’s Depression

Depression is a serious issue, regardless of age. Teenage depression is tricky because teenagers might need more guidance when looking to find help or know how to navigate their feelings. Teenage depression is also difficult for parents when they want to do all the right things to make sure their teen succeeds in recovery and life in general. You will want to read up on this mental illness yourself if your teen is diagnosed. Here are some ways for you to navigate your teen’s depression with them as a parent.

Find therapists who specialize in working with teens

Looking for therapists can be a challenge when mental illness is such an important thing to handle. You might be stressed about finding just the right therapist for your teen. There are so many out there who are skilled in different areas. Your best bet is to make some calls and find one in your area who works with teens. This is a great place to start on the path to recovery. A therapist who knows what they are dealing with will know all the right ways to catalyze the process and make sure your teen gets the treatment they need.

You might not be able to find one who specializes in working with teenagers, but a therapist who specializes in depression will still be able to help tremendously. Getting your teen to take this leap is a great way for them to learn to open up about their mental illness. Once it is something they can discuss openly, they will feel freed and more accepted. The issue will become less and less scary through recovery. Get your teenager a therapist as soon as possible.

Look for beneficial residential treatment centers

Residential treatment centers for teenage depression are an option that can immerse your teen in recovery. This might be one of the quickest ways on the path of recovery. Your teen can stay in an immersive residential center that offers a variety of treatments such as group therapy and individual therapy. These programs give teens others to connect with and grow with towards their best mental health state.

It is best to frame these residential treatment centers as a positive experience for your kid. They might be intimidated by the severe feeling of living in a treatment center. It is best to educate them on the effectiveness and positive outcomes that come with this form of treatment. This also will help you remove the mental health stigma they might. Treatment programs are for any severity of mental illness and are meant to help, not scare.

Encourage your teen to start branching out in areas of their lifestyle

Being positive throughout this process is also important. Help your teen branch out and find simple things in life that make them happy. This isn’t a cure to mental health issues, but it will help them see the beauty of life. Sometimes lightening the mood when your teen is going through treatment is one of the most helpful things you can do. They might find a new hobby or something that gives them a break from therapy and treatment.

You also could help your teen find an outlet to express their emotions if they don’t have one. Sometimes those affected with depression have a hard time expressing how they feel. Helping your teen try new things as outlets is a great step to giving them a lifelong gift. Let your teen know that you are in this journey together.

5 Must-Visit Attractions in Washington State

In 1889, and in honor of the first president of the United States, Washington became the 42nd state of the union. As the 18th largest, Washington is a 71,298 square mile scenic masterpiece—for which it has been named the Evergreen State. Its geographical location makes it an ideal point of interest for trading with Canada and other Pacific Rim partners while the state’s amazing landmarks such as Mount St. Helens, among many others, attract millions of visitors each year. One of the difficult aspects of Washington is to decide what to visit. Nevertheless, must-see attractions include Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and Seattle’s Space Needle.


Olympic National Park


Olympic National Park is roughly one million acres of diverse landscapes and ecosystems covering thousands of years of human history. The area encompasses everything from wild coastline to glacier-capped mountains. Visitors can enjoy activities that include boating or fishing in one of the many rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. There are even locations perfect for paddling. For those who enjoy the coastline, the park’s shoreline is rich with wildlife allowing enthusiasts to go tidepooling. The park is also perfect for camping, going on nature day hikes, or backpacking through the wilderness. While in the park, enjoy the distance from the major cities that provides for a spectacular night show of star gazing. Visitors that want a more personalized experience can sign up for a ranger-led program that explores the rich history and ecosystem of Olympic.


Mount Rainier National Park


Mount Rainier sits 14,410 feet above sea level and is the most glaciated peak in the continental United States. The area spawns five major rivers and is one of the most visible icons in the state of Washington. As with the rest of Washington, the park is a major wildlife area and visitors can enjoy many activities common in other parks like Olympic. However, not all is the same. Mount Rainier is an active volcano and brings other challenges to visitors, including severe weather conditions. One of the neat features of the park is access to one of many webcams so that anyone can see a live feed. Given the possible difficulty in the backcountry, camp rangers recommend that everyone carry a smartphone, map, compass, flashlights, extra food and clothing, a pocket knife, and a first aid kit, among other essentials.


Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks cover vast areas of wilderness and backcountry. While in these areas, you will encounter countless opportunities to capture breathtaking scenery and moments that you will want to last a lifetime. However, electricity will be limited. Therefore, make sure to visit one of the many AT&T stores in Washington and pick up extended battery packs for your smartphone — or obtain help downloading the latest apps to send these captured moments to friends and loved ones.


The Space Needle


The English language has many words available to describe something as amazing as the view from the top of the Space Needle. Nevertheless, words do not do justice. The Space Needle is something that everyone must experience on their own. Officially opened to the public in 1962, the Space Needle offers visitors a 360-degree view from above 600 feet. The project was a built as a space-aged theme for the world’s fair and hosted over 2.65 million visits during the initial expo. The building was designated as an official landmark in 1999 and currently offers a rotating glass floor that provides visitors with a unique perspective of its architecture. Those visiting can also enjoy the Atmos Café and Wine Bar for one of the most unique dining experiences on Earth.

And don’t forget to download the Space Needle App or the Space Needle 360° App to get a full look at what you can do when visiting this unique location.

Here’s Why New Jersey Is Coined the ‘Medicine Chest of the World’

Los Angeles has Hollywood. Northern California has Silicon Valley. Michigan has autos. New York has publishing and skyscrapers. But it’s New Jersey that’s known as the Medicine Chest of the World.

How did New Jersey get this nickname and maintain it over the years?

There are a lot of destinations and wonderful states in America, but it’s The Garden State that’s managed to be nicknamed and honored with such a good and important nickname, for New Jersey doesn’t only practice medicine—it lives it.

While there are an unlimited amount of reasons and numbers that support New Jersey’s glorious nickname, we’ll start with this…

Life sciences play a major factor

Life sciences can be described as such (via Merriam-Webster): “a branch of science (such as biology, medicine, and sometimes anthropology or sociology) that deals with living organisms and life processes.”

Life sciences, to say the least, plays a major role in New Jersey’s world-class nickname.

Via the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey:

“According to New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the state has more than 3,000 life sciences establishments, which include biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies.

“Of those, 13 of the world’s top 20 biopharmaceutical companies (based on sales) and 12 of the world’s top 20 medical technology companies make the Garden State their global, North American or U.S. headquarters or have significant investments here.”

Even more, “New Jersey’s economy is 89% more concentrated in the biosciences than the national average and is the only state where this high degree of specialization spans four of the five major industry subsectors—drugs and pharmaceuticals; research, testing, and medical labs; bioscience-related distribution; and medical devices” (according to Choose New Jersey).

The above statistics show how strong of a hold New Jersey has on this field and how deserving the state is of its nickname. It’s the leader in this field and it shows in the numbers.

New Jersey is life sciences and this spans to innovation and education.

Innovation and education

When you have the resources and funds that New Jersey has for life sciences, innovation is possible, encouraged, and competition is fierce (but in a good way).

Just like Northern California’s Silicon Valley is always trying to come out with the next best app, startup, or tech creation, New Jersey is always trying to do the same thing and further development and innovation when it comes to life sciences as a whole.

As an example, “In 2017, 23 new FDA drug approvals came from companies with a New Jersey footprint, that’s 50% of all FDA drug approvals. Of the top 22 R&D companies, 12 are located here” (via Choose New Jersey).

The above statistic shows that NJ isn’t only practicing life sciences and teaching it at some of the best schools in the country (more from that later) but it’s also releasing new product in the field to the tune of 50 percent of what’s being FDA approved everywhere, not just in New Jersey.

In terms of higher education, which helps to mold bright minds and further research and study, New Jersey is home to Princeton, Rutgers, The College of New Jersey, Monmouth, and many other top-notch universities. In fact, Princeton and Rutgers are some of the nation’s top research institutions. And, to add accomplishment to achievement, Princeton is ranked No. 1 in “National Universities” according to U.S. News & World Report.

It’s no wonder New Jersey is flooding in innovation in this field as a result of being supported by some of the best research institutions and also churning out innovative products.

Job prospects and patient access

What this has all led to? A boom in job prospects and patient access in New Jersey.

From neurosurgical offices in New Jersey to urgent care in Wall Township, NJ to radiology in Annadale, NJ, there are plenty of jobs in the medical field being offered in New Jersey, which also means there are plenty of services and medical professionals for a world of medical needs for people living in and around the area. Research and innovation is one thing when it comes to putting NJ on the map, but the job outlook and medical and health access to professionals and patients are what solidify New Jersey as the Medicine Chest of the World.

According to Choose New Jersey, NJ has 225,000 scientists and engineers, which is the world’s highest concentration. Playing off of that point, NJ is ranked No. 1 among all 50 states in employed biochemists and biophysicists. To really bring the point home and also show off the higher education system in the life sciences arena, New Jersey sees 27,000 life sciences graduates on a yearly basis.

High quality of life

On top of the advances New Jersey is making in the medical field, the state has a high quality of life, which makes living there a desire for all, not just professionals and students in the field.

According to Forbes, New Jersey comes in at No. 6 in quality of life among the states. There are many factors that help to decide that, such as education, opportunity, crime and corrections, etc.

For all it’s worth, there’s plenty of attractions in NJ and it’s in close proximity to New York, which isn’t only a benefit when being close to financial institutions (for the possible support of further innovation) but a blessing in the entertainment department as well since New York City is one of the most popular cities in the world. After all, New York brings a lot to the table, from Times Square to Wall Street to the Statue of Liberty.

Being the Medicine Chest of the World, a place has to have a plethora of jobs, innovation, patient access, and other factors relating to life sciences, and New Jersey checks every box. Jobs can be found in spades with the correct life sciences degree, from lice treatment services in New Jersey to audiologist in West Orange, NJ to modern dental care in Jersey City, NJ. As a result, saying you’re one of these professionals in the state of New Jersey (and anywhere, for that matter) holds a lot of weight. People move to this state for these types of jobs, let alone the high quality of living.

New Jersey is a health information exchange organization in the sense that it offers so much in the health and medicine departments, from research to jobs to innovation to patient access to, well, everything relating to life sciences.

Given all of the information above, it’s no wonder New Jersey is coined the Medicine Chest of the World, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

BioNJ puts it best:

“Put it all together — a critical mass of industry presence, an educated and highly trained workforce, an active and supportive state government, an unsurpassed network of service providers, Wall Street across the river, the FDA and the NIH a brief train ride away, access to venture capital and angel funding, an international and local transit system that is second to none, the desirable Eastern Standard Time Zone for doing business with California and the UK in the same business day  — and you have the ideal climate for building a biotech business.”

The Different Types of Water Pipes

If you smoke, have smoked in the past, or have friends and family that smoke, you have most likely seen a water pipe in action before. What is a water pipe? In its most common form, a water pipe is known as a bong. Bongs are great tools that help to cool down the hot smoke produced by the herbs before it reaches the user and filter out some of the tar found in the smoke so that the smoker can engage in the activity a bit more safely. What many users may not be aware of, however, is that bongs are not the only types of water pipes available on the market. Whether you are looking to purchase a bong or are looking for a different experience entirely, this article will explain the different kinds of water pipes that you are able to choose from.

The bubbler

To get a better idea of what a bubbler is, simply visualize a pipe first. Pipes are one of the go-to products for smokers as they are generally compact and less expensive than larger pieces. The bubbler embodies all of the qualities and concepts of the pipe but goes the extra mile by adding a small compartment beneath the bowl of the tool that can be filled with water. Besides this extra piece, using a bubbler is just as simple as using a pipe. All users have to do is put some water in the pipe, fill the bowl with herbs, and begin smoking their bubbler the same way that they would use a pipe. Basically, if you want the experience of a bong with added portability and ease-of-use, the bubbler is the way to go.

The bong

As we stated above, the bong is the most well-known forms of water pipes and for good reasons. Bongs are very easy to use, very simple to clean, and are a great way to enhance anyone’s smoking session. With a bong, all the user has to do is fill the bong with water until some of it goes up into the downstem that is connected to the bowl. Once this has been accomplished, simply pack your herbs into the bowl and begin taking hits by placing your mouth in the center of the opening of the tube and inhaling. When the whole vertical tube is filled with smoke, you can then remove the bowl to reveal the carb hole and clear the bong of the smoke that has accumulated. Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but it is important that you select a high-quality one such as those produced by heady glass to ensure that you get a quality smoking session each time you use it.

The dab rig

The dab rig is also part of the water pipe family, but it provides users with a specific type of smoking experience. Those who use dab rigs are only able to use concentrates such as wax and shatter. With the dab rig, these harder, more concentrated substances are placed onto a surface known as a nail. These nails are heated either electronically or using a torch so that they can reach the temperatures necessary to vaporize the concentrates. This process eliminates the need to smoke a substance and often utilizes complex water filtration systems that keep the superheated smoke cool and clean. Overall, the dab rig is great for those who need pure substances and want an improved smoking experience.

When you first enter the smoking market, no matter what substance it may be, it can get quite confusing trying to learn about all of the tools and products out there. For those who are solely interested in pieces that utilize water filtration methods, this guide will give you the information needed to differentiate between products and choose the one that will work best for you.