career in Aesthetic Medicine

Want a career in Aesthetic Medicine? Read This!

It has not always been this easy to enter the field of medicine and adopt a career in cosmetic aesthetics. Dermatology was limited to treating various skin conditions and performing plastic surgery. With the growth of aesthetic medicine as a parallel clinical subspecialty, a new career choice was formed. This opened a series of major opportunities via Cosmetic courses not only for practitioners but also for people who were not related to the niche of medicine as they could handle the tools and technology being used in the field of aesthetic medicine.

This gave employment a boost with the formation of a new industry that was soon to take over with a storm. If we were to combine the industry’s expansion with the recent the latest guidelines released by HEE (2015-2106) and the Keogh Review Report that require aesthetics industry to work with the increased regulations, it shows vacancies for people who are interested in working for aesthetic procedures. As a result, the clinics require qualified and trained medical professionals in the field of Cosmetology to perform non-invasive, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

career in Aesthetic Medicine

What is aesthetic medicine and how is it different from dermatology and plastic surgery?

This is a very common question often posed by people to get a better understanding of the filed of aesthetic medicine. There is a lot of unawareness when it comes to this field. To most people, aesthetic medicine is not more than what catches their eye. It is just any cosmetic procedure that is equivalent to plastic surgery and any cosmetic practitioner indulging in it is no more than a regular plastic surgeon. This is a big misconception and the people who think and believe this way are missing out on a lot. It is high time that we deal with these misconceptions and educate people about the differences of the different categories and specialities that this field encompasses.

Aesthetic medicine is a budding clinical subspecialty which uses minimally invasive treatments to enhance the physical appearance. Cosmetic practitioners undergo various Cosmetic courses that makes them experts to perform a variety of procedures that do not involve cutting, stitching or bleeding. This field requires the aesthetic doctors to have immense knowledge of skin, beauty and aging which they use to their benefit by combining this artistic instinct with their own skills. No kind of plastic surgery comes under the umbrella of plastic surgery and hence aesthetic practitioners do not practice any plastic surgery.

Popularity of non-invasive procedures worldwide

All over the world, the popularity of non-invasive procedures is undeniable. They have quickly established their preference over surgical methods in the eyes of the people. They owe their popularity to the ease of methods and excellent technology that they employ. Among the most popular aesthetic treatments all around the globe, some are Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing and pigmentation, skin peels etc. These treatments reenergize the skin and improve its tone and texture.

What kind of aesthetic treatments are offered?

Although the major demand for face aesthetics comes from normal people but helping trauma victims improve their physical appearance, reducing scars is medical aesthetics and frankly, quite challenging. Normal people often indulge into face aesthetics just for the fun of making their facial features more aesthetic. This includes augmentation of chin, cheekbones, nose job, lip enhancement etc. The majority of the consumers are people who work in the entertainment industry and always have to be in the spotlight, hence they can not work with any facial imperfection.

What are the career options in the field of Aesthetic Medicine?

Although aesthetic practitioners trained in dermatology form the core of this field, many others can also join in even if they are from some other background as long as its related to medical. A MBBS doctor can become an aesthetic physician after completing their fellowship program or a certification program.

Doctors who graduate in dermatology can add to their dermato­surgical skills by undergoing various programs and cosmetic courses that provide them with training in procedures like injectables and lasers. These fellowship programs are offered at academies like The Harley Street in UK. This is known as training in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and is a high-class specialization in the field of cosmetic medicine.

General practitioners can also venture into a specialized and comprehensive academic program that is MSc in Aesthetic Medicine which would allow them to be treated as Aesthetic Physicians and not dermatologists. They may have to work with a multi-disciplinary team so they may easily deal with a number of aspects of aesthetic treatment. These may vary from treating a burn victim suffering from disfigurement or a non-surgical nose job.

Specific cosmetic training and courses are required for adopting expertise in this field. Doctors may continue to add to their skills by training regularly at workshops and enrolling themselves in a variety of cosmetic courses.

There is high demand for trained technicians and support staff. They do not require medical degrees. They can bag the posts of the support staff by studying a number of certification diplomas that will allow them to be part of the team for therapies such as skin peels, facials. Laser and the tool of cosmetology. Even in offices of dermatologists, trained aesthetic doctors are required o carry out exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion.

Employment opportunities for career switchers

Thanks to the opportunities available at reputed aesthetic training institutes that offer these cosmetic courses, this career switch is not as taxing as others may appear to be. People who are switching careers to do aesthetic practice do not need to return to university to study for these courses. The professional cosmetic courses offered at reputed aesthetic training institutes are according to the guidelines of HEE and the curriculum is designed to meet the latest requirements of these guidelines so they do not face any professional trouble in the future.

These courses offer very highly rewarding jobs and are an economic boost for sure. They come with really flexible working hours which turns out to be very helpful for people who don’t want their jobs to be all consuming and also want to pursue other passions besides their jobs.

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Happy New Year Photos 2019

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