Adapting Old Time

Adapting Old Time Ways to Present Day Rules

There are occasions when current rules and policies directly conflict with time-honored customs and traditions.  When this happens you often find your best intentions or ideas may be impeded by today’s rules and policies.  Even so, you can often find another way to express your feelings and appreciation to others.

An event occurred last year when I had to deal with this circumstance.  My wife’s best friend was about to become a grandmother.  My wife had gotten her a card and a present.  I wanted to get her husband something as well, but couldn’t think of anything appropriate.  Then I happened to see an expecting couple and some family leave the clinic around the corner from my office.  They were congratulating one another, and the guy was handing out some blue-colored candy cigars.  And that was when the idea hit me…why not get the new grandfather some real cigars to celebrate his new grandson?  After my lunch, I went to my computer to look up JR Cigar’s website on line.  When I found it I used a Groupon coupon to order a bundle of 20 Morcelli cigars for a discount of 53% off the list price.  I knew the new grandfather would get a kick out of the opportunity to hand these out among the friends that he saw regularly at his favorite sports bar. 

Adapting Old Time

Of course, my wife didn’t quite approve; she felt it wasn’t a good idea to be encouraging smoking.  But I reminded her that it was just to celebrate a special occasion, so she toned down her objection.  And her friend didn’t object either, though she banned any smoking of the cigars inside the home.  The guy I really felt for was the child’s father, he didn’t get a chance to either enjoy a cigar himself or even the satisfaction of handing them out since his wife refused to allow that to be part of the event within their household.  We managed to let him get a puff on one while we spent a few hours watching the basketball game.  We enjoyed our leisure there, relaxing and savoring the joys of becoming a father and grandfather. 

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