Best Apps for Project Managers


If you are a project manager, no matter what field you work in, you know it is important to use any and all tools available to ensure strong cooperation and a high level of success. And while there may be conventional methods that yield positive results, some of the best tools actually lie in the power of smartphone and tablet apps. If you are managing your own project and need highly functioning tools to help you succeed, try one of these apps to help get the job done.

Smart sheet Project Management

This brilliant tablet app takes the simplicity of a spreadsheet and gives you access to a variety of different functions to assist with almost any task. With Smart sheet Project Management, you can observe separate projects and individuals, upload and view file attachments, and even use such things as dependencies, sub-tasks, and Gantt charts to streamline the process. Additionally, the app comes equipped with a calendar and automatic reminders, enforcing deadlines on anyone involved in the project.

Maven link Part

Of being an effective project manager is following your project’s progress through each step, which is something that this project management app can help with. Maven link lets you view every stage in the project, including communications, task assignments and completions, and even invoices and payments once the project has been completed. Furthermore, this project management app collaborates with your Google Docs, contact lists, and calendar appointments, making it a program that is fully compatible with all of your pertinent information.

Creately Of course

While many project managers work with software that uses the integration and application of lists and flowcharts, others work better with more visual options that provide an aesthetic overview of the entire project. For such individuals, cordately is the absolute key to the success of any project. Cordately gives the members of a project the ability to create diagrams, mind maps, and even wireframes using the information of the project. The finished products made by Cordately are beautiful, colored, fully interactive maps that give any visual learner the ability to see the entirety of the project.

Günter Project

Depending on their field of interest, many project managers will be looking for software that helps streamline and assist the completion of the project itself. For others though, it is equally important to map the cost of the project, its duration, and the work completed throughout. The perfect app for this type of work is the Günter Project.

This project management app gives you the ability to separate a large project into much smaller pieces of work and parse them out to individuals who are participating in the process. Once the work is assigned, you can monitor the entire progress of the project by observing the percent complete, a potentially important tool for any project manager who needs to know the expected completion date. And, of course, the files are saved in .XML format and are fully compatible with Microsoft Project.

Apps to Help Finish a Projecting the modern era, there is no need to rely on non-technological resources to help monitor and streamline the progress of a project. Instead, try using one of these simple apps to complete your projects easily and efficiently.

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