How to Throw a Space-Themed Children’s Party

Space-themed parties are the best, especially for children’s parties. You can really go all out when this is your theme, and your guests will have an amazing time exploring your take on the stars in party form. Here is how to throw the best space-themed party in the galaxy!

Planets, solar systems and learning opportunities

A space-themed idea can be a sneaky learning opportunity. This theme is fun, but also educational. Create some games where the kids have to try and memorize the planets, or something along those lines. You can have them also try and recreate their own solar system based off of the real solar system. This will give them some insight into how the solar system works and what differentiates the different planets.

You can create a scavenger hunt with clues relating to space. For example, you can have a clue about the definition of a star. They then have to find a paper star and see what it says on the back. The back of the star could have a definition of a rocket ship, etc. They will love these space themed games and craft ideas.

This is a theme you will never run out of ideas with. Children are inherently interested in this part of science because it feels so whimsical and exciting.

Get creative with party props

There are party rental places where you can rent all sorts of party props and activities. For example, bouncy house or moonwalk rentals will blow your guests away. Taking some simple steps to amplify your space theme with one of these rentals is a surefire way to keep everyone entertained the whole time.

Think about goodie bags as well. You can give some fun space-themed items to your guests as they leave, such as bouncy balls that resemble planets, or stars which stick to surfaces. Another great prop is a mat with galaxy designs on it. This is a place for them to sit and play when they aren’t partaking in the other activities offered. Fill the play space with astronaut toys and other space-related toys that can make their imaginations run wild.

Treats are always an important part

Don’t forget to get creative with the cake. There are a few directions you can go with this. You either can make a galaxy out of mini cakes, which is very creative but also time intensive. Or you could make a cupcake-decorating bar with star sprinkles and planetary aspects. A good idea is to make some model cupcakes in case any of the children need some inspiration.

When it comes to food, order some star-shaped noodles off the internet and make some intergalactic mac and cheese! Besides that, there are some other star-shaped foods to look into as well, with cookies being an especially easy option. It just takes some creativity and some dedication to the theme. If you want to get really fancy, you can make marbled donuts with galaxy icing, which will surely be a success. Purple and blue swirled donuts with galaxy sprinkles are also great to put in the goodie bags for later, if you don’t want to give your guests too much sugar during the actual party.

Overall, this party is sure to be a hit, especially with these ideas in mind. You really can’t go wrong with some imagination and undeniably fun craft ideas and activities.

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